Welcome to the world of risk! This is an ongoing project aiming at writing an open source textbook on financial derivatives for undergraduate & graduate students. This is not a conventional textbook. Using modern web technology I intend to make content of the book interactive and engaging so that students can explore complex derivative concepts & ideas. The journey would be like "learning by doing". Students would be able to enhance their mathematical and statistical knowledge required for understanding derivative pricing. They would also be able to test their knowledge through interactive quizzes. The PDF copy of the chapters or complete book will be available to download. Above all, all the things would be free forever. Since this is an ongoing project, you wouldn't see all the contents at once. I would update with new content over the time.

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Call payoff graph:

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Call Profit graph:

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# S=Underlying Asset Price
# X=Option Strike Price
# r=risk-free rate
# v=Underlying Asset Volatility
# T=Option Time to Maturity
#Via Put-Call Parity